My First iPad, My First Blog Entry Written On It, My First Blog Entry In Six Months!

So, I got my tax refund a few weeks ago. It’s one of those things I both love and hate – I love getting money that I didn’t have in my pocket, but I hate that I gave the government an interest-free loan. Nonetheless, we have extra cash, and that meant it’s time to get my deferred Christmas gift! Woo-hoo!20130407-155537.jpg

So, I ended up getting the iPad with Retina Display (a.k.a. iPad 3), with 128 GB storage, and Verizon Wireless cellular connection. I have to say, it’s pretty sweet, and I was reluctant to become a tablet user for a while.20130407-155954.jpg

A big part of my enjoyment is this little number – Logitech’s Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad. This links up via Bluetooth to the iPad, and is a comfortably-sized keyboard. My biggest hesitation for getting a tablet was the awkward soft keyboards they typically have. With this Logitech item, I have a nearly-perfect replacement for a laptop.20130407-160324.jpg

Right now, as I type this, I’m at Coco Key in Mt. Laurel, NJ for a belated birthday celebration for my middle daughter. Due to a killer headache, I’m on the side of the pools and rides, in pain but bored. So, I decided to activate this iPad’s cellular connection. Since I’m using this new toy, I wanted to share it with you!

What strikes me at this time is how easy it is to connect to and communicate with the world, AND how many people, myself included, take this for granted. I shudder to think of how we would react if it were suddenly taken away from us! :-O

So, anyway, if you have an iPad, take a look at Logitech’s keyboard. If you’re thinking of getting a tablet, look into the iPad, or, if not the iPad, look at a keyboard for a tablet. For me, it makes the difference between an awkward, expensive, but useless piece of technology and a useful tool capable of replacing a laptop.

Final note: If anyone knows of a way to insert pictures and change the options in the mobile WordPress app in the same way as the web interface, please let me know. I wanted to post this using solely the iPad app, but I’m not happy with the look, and may modify it once I get home.