About BeefGriller

Mild-mannered IT specialist by day, husband and father always, BeefGriller is Mark Perotti, owner of the Elf Steaks & Halfling Bacon pencil-and-paper role-playing blog.  You can find him on Twitter as @BeefGriller, and on Google+.  Contact him by e-mail at thebeefgriller ~at- yahoo -dot~ com.  If you can’t parse through that address, you’re either an e-mail harvester bot, or exceedingly challenged at using the Internet.  In both cases, you’re better off not contacting him.

Why BeefGriller?

Good question!  It all goes back through the mists of time to July 18, 2009 (give or take a few days).  Mark had been pondering this Twitter thing, and finally decided to join.  At the time, he was waiting for the charcoal in his grill to finish igniting.  He was marinating a london broil.  Figuring the answer to Twitter’s question of “What’s Happening” was “I’m about to grill some beef,” he took the name BeefGriller.  He dreamt of meeting fellow charcoal-grillers on the Ether, discussing favorite recipes, methods, and foods.

Well, that never materialized.  His Twitter account gathered dust for a full year before he finally started tweeting about his lifelong hobby, RPGs.  He met other RPG enthusiasts, gained more followers through them, and – Voila!  He became known with that name.


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